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Witness what's happening in the toughest hoods in the U.S.A.  God is on the move.

Contributing Artists (In alphabetical order)



Visit for Music and more! For booking, please contact: (209)594-8219 Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. That is the scripture that Rize n Shine stands on. Rize n Shine is a FEARLESS record label restoring RESPECT,GLORY,AND HONOR BACK TO THE KING of KINGS.

Beacon Light

FB: Grand Rapids, MI Beacon Light is a Hip-Hop artist whose performances range from cracking playful jokes and performing party songs to sharing his deepest pain with his listeners. His commanding stage presence combined with personal honesty and openness results in both high energy concerts as well as intimate worship.   


FB: YouTube: Bio: BORN is a collective of artists from different backgrounds coming together for the sole purpose of making music that uses “real life” to point to hope.

Brotha Mac & Steelo

YouTube:  Bio: SoulFire Diamond Entertainment is a company founded by Steelo and Brotha Mac, dedicated to spreading the Word of God through music and film.


Soundcloud: YouTube: Benjamin Uluave aka “BxCause” gets his Diversity and Unique Sound from being Born in Australia, and then Raised in the Bay Area, California for the past 16 years, seeing, living, and adapting to Various Cultures. Through His Lyrics, Imagery and Lifestyle, he Hopes to deliver a Starting Point to a Movement of Change, for a Hurting Generation!

Cameo Spit-It

Twitter: @cameo_spititSoundcloud: Bio:   Founder and leader of K.I.C an acronym for(Keep It Christian) is a New up and coming Hip Hop artist from St.Peterburg, FL

Church B

Site: FB: YouTube:  Pittsburg, PA – For years I’ve wanted to make it big rapping, I did song after song, traveled, tried to get on the radio, but nothing worked out. I know now that God has bigger plans for me.

David Michael

FB: YouTube: From Detroit, MI David Michael left the game of fast money and street life for a new life in Christ. He's continued to give his all for the call on his life. 


Christian, Husband, Father and Artist and in that order. FB: Youtube: Soundcloud:


FB: YouTube: San Bernardino, CA At the age of 17 Du2ce started to take his lyrical skills seriously, When he was in high school he and two close friends started a group and realized that they had great potential but even though Du2ce and his close friends were doing events in Hollywood (House Of Blues.Key Club etc.) and still felt empty and felt like there was more he was supposed to be doing.  March 25, 2008 Du2ce gave his life fully to Jesus and left his group to fully give his talent and life to the Lord.  

Eric Heron

Eliseo Way

Soundcloud: YouTube: A unique blend of soulful harmonies, catchy, yet unconventional melodies in his arrangements that music lovers of all backgrounds have characterized as captivating. His musical style does not easily fit into any one particular genre and can only be described as idiosyncratic. Eliseo's conceptualizations are inspired by real life experiences, and at the core, his songs deal with relevant issues many people face, including himself.


Soundcloud: Bio: Artist/Producer/Writer

Louisiana, Real music, real message! Bringing people closer to Christ in a way that will grab there attention. REAL TALK please help and support to get this Movement started!! Put out a full cd and more videos.

Gonz Grand Rapids, MI My dream is to play shows all over the country sharing my music and message with as many people as possible. I want to make a positive impact on people. I want to make music that people can relate to. My dream ultimately isn’t for my own glory or my own success but it is and always will be for something greater than myself. My Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


Detroit, MI Soundcloud: YouTube: FB: Known for his passionate lyrics, Goodson is a true “Bridge Artist” that wears multible hats. Goodson bridges those musical, cultural, age and religious barriers that seem to stifle a lot of artists. Aside from being a rapper, Goodson’s background includes experience as a worship leader and an effective teacher. Those elements seem to mesh together and spill over into his music.

Honest Jaye

Born in the 80's but love that classic 90's sound. R&B and Hip Hop. Honest Jaye is a positive Artist that tells it like it is, so the "Name" fits everything he stands for. Touching on subjects that alot of artist don't speak on. Hes not afraid to go against the grain, his main goal is to reach the minds of his listeners in hopes that his words will plant a seed of change and water that seed! then God almighty gives the increase.


FB: Site: Nathan Bartlett (Illuminate) is now in active ministry, leading many souls to the Lord truly living a lifestyle of Evangelism. He is an ordained minister and heads up Illuminate the World Ministries where he oversees other music ministers, is also part owner & CEO of Outsiders Clothing Co. & Outsiders Music. He is happily planted in the San Francisco bay area at his home church Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryville, CA.

Jay Odell

Soundcloud: Facebook: YouTube:  Bio: Independent Artist from Tampa FL, who writes his own rhymes and hooks. JayOdell is bringing something drifferent and new to the game and you will see the quality and the reason why he is called "The Class Act of the Bay". Download and Share!!!


KDV is a Hip-Hop artist hailing from Nashville, TN. By the time he was 17, he released his first low-budget mixtape entitled ‘Cashvillez Most Hated’ in 2005. 3 years later, when he was 20, he released his first official mixtape entitled ‘Rebirth: Volume 1’ which can still be found on He created a local fan base and performed live shows at numerous venues.


Site: Twitter:  I am Kevi Morse and I look to empower others with the love of Christ. I'm a Christian Hip-Hop artist who uses music as an avenue to push the name of Jesus. IAMCHRISTLIFE is more than a movement, it's a lifestyle. I look forward to reaching out to other believers and non-believers to make a positive connection.

King Chai

Soundcloud: YouTube:  King Chai's versatility in each song helps to further reach the people who have never heard of Christ presented in such a unique way! God has helped this artist through adversity which you can hear in his lyrics. Founding "More Than Music Group" or #MTMG is just the first step of many in his journey.


Rapper from the West Coast. Saved. Kunceal YouTube:

L.T. Bio: L.T. (Living Testimony) I make music to glorify the Son. I let Jesus shine through my music. YouTube: 

Psalms of Men

Ricky Rock

Shanell Bio: FB: YouTube:   From Lansing, MI this woman is giving her all for the glory of Jesus! Once an up and coming secular artist God called her out of the darkness and into his marvelous light! 

Th3rd Dae Da Mouthpiece

Travis Dupri

FB: Youtube: Soundcloud: Having success in the secular music industry brought many temptations. Travis found himself in a dark and lonely place of utter confusion after succumbing to the desires of his flesh. Fast forward to 2015, Travis got back to the church and was feeling better than he'd ever been. He experienced God in ways in which he'd never experienced. With his new found joy and peace, Travis no longer desired making music to glorify himself and the world. It was at that moment, God reignited Travis's desire to create music, but this time, it was for His glory...Kingdom glory


Y'z Council

FB: YouTube:  F Soundcloud: 

rom Lansing, MI this artist always keeps it real touching on the deeper issues of mental illness and suicide offering the cure, faith in a loving creator.

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