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 "There are two types of freedoms;

the false where a man is free to do what he likes, and the true where a man is free to do what he outgh." -Charles Kingsley 


Breaking Addictions


It ain't for the faint of heart. Whether it's drugs, booze, pornography, violence, overeating, or anything else that's under the sun, if you're addicted there is a way out. First things first if you are addicted there's a conflict within that must be addressed. If you find yourself saying, 'I'll just cut back, wean myself off of it.' if that's you, I know you aren't ready for freedom. There's a war that rages in every addict. It's been said that freedom ain't free, and it will cost you. If you want to be free you need to set foot onto the battlefield of your addiction and decide to wage war. No surrender, no retreat, refuse defeat. There will be battles, wins and losses. There will be casualties, wounds and deaths.


If you are still reading this then I know you are serious. As addicts we often focus too much on the vice and not why we are doing this to ourselves. When we try to put down an addiction it's very important to pick something healthy to focus on. We as addicts have big needs that beg to be satisfied. That's where God comes into play. He's our creator and he knows a thing or two about us. He's seen it all, our whole filthy mess. You know what else, he's not impressed or disgusted with all our wrong doing. The reason, there's hope. When I was hopelessly lost in a life of addictions my father used to say where there's life there's hope. He was right. When I dropped my addictions long enough to allow Jesus the space to move into my heart and unpack some grace and forgiveness things began to change.  Over time I learned some ways to avoid ever going back to those old ways of living or should I say dying. Here are a few steps to take.


1. Get help -friends, family, professionals, AA, NA, church, you're in a hole all alone, you can't get out alone.


2. Separate yourself - remove yourself from the source or your addiction if possible. Friends, hangouts, whatever.


3. Put on a vest - you better believe you need some body armor. Create safeguards for yourself. You cannot be trusted. Find a mentor, sponsor, accountability partner, someone free from addiction and who has attained victory over it.


4. Build your fortress - don't even think of going near a bar, drug house, hangout or your computer if that's your poison. Set up practical safeguards to keep yourself safe.


5. Expect the battle to find you - life happens, so does that other stuff. So when trouble comes have your plan and stick to it. We must learn to break the old responses of turning to the addiction for comfort when troubles come.


6. Find your purpose - we of the addictive nature are passionate people. The trick is finding your passion and then pursuing it without the crutch.


7. Fill the void - when we lay our vices down we then discover the gaping hole in our center. My advice, fill it with God. He's the only one capable of filling that void completely and leading you down the path of life and liberty. Then find other hobbies, interests and pursue them. Working out , reading, explore new possibilities and people groups.

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Harmful Effects of Substance Abuse


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