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Beacon Light ----Site----More Music----Follow----Facebook
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Mahogany Jones ----Site----More Music----Follow----Facebook
David Michael 313 ----Site----Free Downloads----Follow----Facebook

Octavia Harris ----Site----Free Downloads----Follow----Facebook

Y'z Council----Site----More Music----Follow----Facebook
Emmanuel Tarsus----Site----More Music----Follow----Facebook


Di Low (die lao) ----Site----More Music----Follow----Facebook

David Michael 313 "Welcome to Detroit"



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Alias  -Hip-hop/Christian/Pop

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Matty Striq  -Hip-hop/Rap

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Cruzader517  -Hip-hop/Rap

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Infinity Music Group  -Hip-hop/Rap

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Emazin & Goodson  -Hip-hop/Rap

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Christine B.  -Hip-hop/Rap

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Steven Malcolm

"Real Hip Hop"




Shanell feat. D-Maub - "Crazy"



Shanell ----Site----More Music----Follow----Facebook
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BORN ----Site----More Music----Follow----Facebook

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