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"...In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Romans 8:37

Life as I knew it was depression, being broke, abuse and violence. It was normal because everyone around me had the same issues. Although it seemed normal I didn’t like it.  I began to act out at a young age exploring unsafe territories with boys, stealing things my mother couldn’t buy and fighting everyone who got in my way, even acquiring a curiosity for guns. I thought acting that way would fix my problems and put some respect on my name but it only magnified my problems. I landed in foster care, expulsions and even “juvie” for getting caught with a loaded gun at school. Life was already complicated but let’s add teen pregnancy to the situation. It was tough just being a kid so SURELY I didn’t know how to raise one! My baby was almost three and he was taken away to foster care. I lost ALL parental rights to him and never got to see him again for 15 years. That broke me! I spiraled out of control. Partying, depression and anger issues resulted with me stabbing two girls multiple times. That classy act earned me 270 days in jail. Later I was in a relationship and pregnant again REDEMPTION, God was trusting me with another kid! My relationship was extremely mutually abusive and eventually I left him, moved to a new city and started over. I ran back to Jesus, prayed more than ever, visited churches and learned to control my anger. I went back to school, picking up certifications. I married an amazing man. Together we rededicated our lives to the Lord. We blended our families and had another baby. Even received my oldest son back into my life! I am a child of God, loving wife, mother, business owner, gifted and talented. Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ. I need Jesus EVERYDAY, he loved me even when I wasn’t thinking of him, a love I never want to live without. Come visit my site at 

"A Wonderful Change" My Life Story!

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